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Basement Sump Pump Installation

Basement or crawl space, one thing shouldn't stand in these two places for a long time. That's the moisture. It'll be always better and safer if the excess water is driven away at once. The best would be preventive measures to be taken to stop the infiltration of water there.

A professional basement waterproofing or sump pump service can help you secure the freshness and comfort of the lower portion of your home. The good news is you can get both services in your city Merrimac from the renowned company Northeast Basement Solutions. To get our services dial our number or reach us online.


Why Is Basement Waterproofing Service Important?

Basement waterproofing and finishing service

The reason why one can't afford the existence of high humidity or moisture is their adverse effects. A moist place is an ideal originating place for molds and rodents. From the moment the dampness grows these pests begin to infest and degrade the indoor quality with different health and hygiene issues like allergic problems, breathing problems, and bad odor.

Basement waterproofing works as a barrier between water and the basement. Working as a protective guard it doesn't let the water infiltrate in the foundational parts. That secures the building and also the residents' inside from the risk of structural damage. The dryness in this part of the house helps retain the HVAC system's performance. Basement waterproofing services ensure all these benefits.

Sump Pump maintenance service

Benefits of Expert Sump Pump Services

A sump pump system keeps the basement dry by draining the water away. One of the most convenient features it has is- it works automatically. So, before you even know about the standing water it reaches the sump pit and the sump pump begins to work. This is how sump pumps prevent events like basement flooding.

Like the basement waterproofing services, the sump pump prevents water damage in the structural parts. That not only minimizes the repair cost but also ensures the peace of mind of the house owner. Last but not least, it makes the basement a more convenient place. Ultimately, a sump pump service improves the value of the property.

Our Basement Waterproofing Services

basement floor systems
  • Drainage systems: There are several types of drainage systems such as interior drainage, french drain, entryway drain, etc. By keeping the place dry it manages multiple options to utilize the place.
  • Dehumidification: By taking this service one can avoid the effects of the dampness in the basement. Because it involves driving away the existing moisture.
  • Leaking Crack Repair: The cracks in the foundational parts make water intrusion easy which triggers defects in those portions. This is how the structural integrity sustains. That's why leaking crack repair is important.
  • Basement wall systems: These improve the look of the basement walls along with the protection and insulation properties. One of the positive sides of it is that they are durable and easier to clean and maintain.
  • Basement floor system: Good look, comfort, and moisture protection- all these three with other benefits are the outcomes of the basement floor system.
  • Our basement waterproofing systems have a transferable lifetime warranty.

Sump Pump and Other Services We Provide in Merrimac

Collage of crawl space ventilation and home installed dehumidifier
  • The three major sump pump services offered by us are:
  • Sump pump installation: A properly installed sump pump works as a defense system against the possibility of water damage. It pumps out the excess water which prevents water accumulation in the basement.
  • Sump pump repair: A defective sump pump can not only fail to perform its job but also can malfunction. The result of that can be basement flooding which is totally the opposite of what we expect from the drainage system.
  • Sump pump maintenance: Regular maintenance can save a lot of money by reducing or eliminating repair costs. It can also help in avoiding replacement as the lifespan of the sump pump increases with maintenance.

Apart from these services, we cover services for crawl space, moisture control, and basement finishing.

Why Choose Northeast Basement Solutions?

We are a reliable name across Amesbury, Haverhill, Newburyport, and other service areas in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for our services. Below are the reasons why you can rely on us.

  • More than 2 decades of experience
  • Assistance in insurance
  • Locally owned and operated basement specialist
  • Friendly staff
  • Quick estimate
  • Turnkey solution

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You may not have visited your basement for a long time. Also, it's very normal to be unaware of its current condition. However, you better not miss the chance to prevent the damage of this part when you have an option. The same goes for taking precautions in advance. While Northeast Basement Solutions' local team is well-prepared to help you all the way, feel free to call us. We are available at our hotline. To send a service request online fill up the form.


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  • Brentwood, NH
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The sump pump installation was done as a first step of a larger basement remodel project. The job was done quickly, done right, and the team made sure to explain what they were doing and why at every step, including a run through of how the system worked and what to expect once it was in. I have since hired Northeast Basement Solutions to do the full project and am having the same good experience thus far. Highest recommendation

  • Lowell, MA
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Mark and Miguel are A+ professionals! We used Northeast Basement Solutions for a foundation issue in our new home. They not only came in with a very reasonable quote, they started on the project quickly and took the time to educate us on several things we asked about. They were very responsive and communicated every step of the way. We will definitely be calling them for future waterproofing work. Thanks Northeast!

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Would use Dan and team again!

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