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Crawl Space Repair for Foundation Problem in Portsmouth, MA

Crawl space has several uses with benefits in a home. Obviously, any defect in this tiny place will minimize or even eliminate all of them. Some issues will reach beyond the crawl space and make the situation more critical for the resident if not taken care of timely. One of them is any foundation problem. But, proper repair work by experts can restore things back to the pre-damage condition.

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Why You Can't Ignore Crawl Space Foundation Problems?

Any foundation problem is a serious matter for the integrity of the building. Having that in the crawl space wouldn't be any exceptional. It might appear as some minor issues like cracks in the walls and floors, misaligned cabinets, or sticking windows or doors. With time they can reach the main structure resulting in structural accidents. Even if the damage doesn't come this far, moisture takes over the overall situation. With a contribution to compromising the robustness of the foundation infestation of molds and other pests occur from that. A bad odor, different health issues like allergic reactions, and breathing problems are the other consequences.

Early detection detection and timely repair can prevent these scenarios from taking place and will reduce the repair cost remarkably.

Types of Crawl Space Foundation Problem Repair We Provide

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  • Expansive soil: This is one of the major crawl space foundation problems. It can happen by the absorption of water that ultimately puts pressure on the foundation wall of the crawl space. In the extreme case, it can cause bowing walls. A good drainage system can prevent that.
  • Foundation settlement: Weak or unstable soil can't provide proper support to the foundation. Due to that also foundation problems can occur in the crawl space. Note that, the same type of problem can occur in the basement but the causes and repair are not fully the same.
  • Foundation heave: It's the result of upward force by the soil on the foundation. Increasing moisture, freezing or thawing, etc. are the main reasons for that which triggers cracks in the foundational parts, uneven floor, sewer line damage, etc.
  • Slopping floors: Slopping floors are not the direct reason for the foundation problems in the crawl space. However, it can be taken as a crawl space foundation problem.

Apart from that there are other repair services we work for including drywall cracks, steam wall repair, post & pad replacement, etc.

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signs of crawl space foundation problems

Signs of Crawl Space Foundation Problems

  • Foundation crack is the most obvious sign
  • A musty odor in the crawl space
  • Presence of molds and pests
  • Sagging floors

A high energy bill is an indirect indication that the crawl space has a foundation problem.

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There's no way you can forget about the crawl space, especially if there's any problem there. You definitely won't want to face the problem at the time of emergency wiring or plumbing work due to any defect in the crawl space. Moreover, untreated crawl space foundation problems are not only inconvenient but also risky for the residents. So, feel free to contact us to get our services in Cambridge, SeabrookWinchester, and other service areas. You can also reach us online.


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