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Basements can be of good use for special occasions or even for a different taste of living. Yes, the least visited place in your home gives you the option to do something new or unconventional but worthwhile by going out of the normal routine. The fact is it's also an important part of your property and there's no way to forget about it.

However, several issues may occur in this lower portion of your house. Most of the time it's the moisture to give the homeowners a hard time. A good basement waterproofing or sump pump service can make it all okay. Sometimes it seems puzzling that whom to call for help? Northeast Basement Solutions is your trusted partner to secure your basement. Get our service in your city Groveland by calling us or sending a service request online.


Why Professional Basement Waterproofing Service?

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No one says that a DIY method for basement waterproofing is impossible. The matter is whether that would be sustainable or effective for the building. Let's check out what a knowledgeable basement specialist team can manage for its customers. First of all, during the building of the water guard, the professional team can detect the existing defects in the structural parts and take necessary measures to prevent future issues.

A regular person doesn't have the knowledge nor the tool support to do that properly. Thus, the chance of incompleteness in the task remains. Unlike the DIY method, it ensures long-term service with the same quality. So, the owner enjoys the benefits of the investment such as no dampness, no pest infestation, lower energy bills, no health issues, and almost zero chance of water damage in the structure. Basement waterproofing services also increase the value of the property.

Advantages of Sump Pump Services

While the basement waterproofing prevents moisture intrudes, a good sump pump drains away the excess water through the drainage system. So, if you haven't taken any basement waterproofing service or there's any fault in that, the sump pump can cover the matter. Needless to say, having both will make it more beneficial.

However, another plus point of the sump pump is it will prevent basement flooding. The mechanism begins to run when an amount of water reaches the sump pit, one of the two parts of the sump pump system. After that, the sump pump drains out the water. A sump pump keeps the basement dry by eliminating the excess water. Taking regular and timely sump pump services ensures that everything runs well without any interruption.

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Why Choose Northeast Basement Solutions

The locally owned and operated basement specialist company has been working for householders with their professional services for more than 20 years. We have a team of experts to respond to your required services with professional efficiency and ensure 100% satisfaction with turnkey solutions. The quick estimates and expertise help us provide first-class services. Our basement waterproofing systems come with a transferable lifetime warranty. You can also get assistance with insurance from us.

Our Basement Waterproofing and Sump Pump Services

On the other hand, our sump pump services cover:

All these services are available in Haverhill, West Newbury, Georgetown, and other service areas and are only a phone call away from you.

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Other Services We Provide in Groveland

Apart from the basement waterproofing and sump pump services we offer different crawl space services. For the hygiene, freshness, and safety of this lower portion of the house encapsulation is an effective way. Other similar services are ventilation and dehumidification. You can get these services from us along with the installation of the crawl space access door and repair services.

Our moisture control service covers dehumidifier installations and humidity & allergen prevention. By taking these services you can keep the air quality uncompromised and avoid different health issues caused by humidity.

For basement finishing services also you can rely on us.

Call Us for the Best Services for Your Basement

From the storage to the laundry room, garage, and even the living place, office, gym, or guest room, just name it that how you want your basement to be. Well, that can be possible if the place is livable. No wonder, dampness, moisture, wetness, or whatever you call it acts as the main villain to ruin all the fun and options.

Humidity sometimes can be a reason for electrical hazards. That also causes damage to different appliances. It's always wise to take precautions rather than to face the problem. However, be it before or after detecting the damage in the basement Northeast Basement Solutions can help you in both cases. Don't hesitate to call us for quick and quality services for your basement. You can send us service requests online as well.


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  • Groveland, MA | December 08, 2023
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Dan and his team did a great job with finishing our basement. They completed the project quickly and professionally. I’d highly recommend Dan if you are looking to transform your basement!

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I need an estimate on my basement waterproofing service.

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I am looking for a sill plate replacement.

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  • Brentwood, NH
  • 5 Stars

The sump pump installation was done as a first step of a larger basement remodel project. The job was done quickly, done right, and the team made sure to explain what they were doing and why at every step, including a run through of how the system worked and what to expect once it was in. I have since hired Northeast Basement Solutions to do the full project and am having the same good experience thus far. Highest recommendation

  • Lowell, MA
  • 5 Stars

Mark and Miguel are A+ professionals! We used Northeast Basement Solutions for a foundation issue in our new home. They not only came in with a very reasonable quote, they started on the project quickly and took the time to educate us on several things we asked about. They were very responsive and communicated every step of the way. We will definitely be calling them for future waterproofing work. Thanks Northeast!

  • Dover, NH
  • 5 Stars

Would use Dan and team again!

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