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Without confirming the freshness and soundness of the basement none can make their home 100% comfortable and hygienic. The main challenge one has to face in this case would be the excess moisture. Yes, eliminating the existing over-humidity or preventing it from infiltrating can solve this problem. Are you worried about how you can manage it?

As a house owner, what you should do is call for help as soon as possible. Just call us to set an appointment with the local popular service provider Northeast Basement Solutions for quick and quality basement waterproofing and sump pump services. We are now operating in your city Framingham. To reach us online fill up the service request form.


Benefits of Basement Waterproofing Services

None would deny that preventing an adverse situation in advance is better than encountering that with good preparation. Basement waterproofing is such a measure that works as a barrier between the water and the basement. Since it keeps this lower portion dry, there's the least chance of basement flooding there.

Moisture is always helpful for infestation of pests. High humidity in the basement leaves the chance of growth and spreading of mold and other organisms. Along with dampness, and bad odor, the presence of wetness contributes to the degradation of the basement's air quality. Several health issues can crop up from that such as allergic reactions, breathing problems, etc. In case the molds are toxic, the residents may have to be hospitalized.

Basement waterproofing works against these scenarios mentioned above and ensures the peace of mind of the property owner.

Why You Should Have a Sump Pump System?

Sump Pump Maintenance Service in Portsmouth & Rye

The main goal of the sump pump system would be roughly the same as the basement waterproofing which is not letting the water damage occur in the basement. Thus, the benefits of this water drainage system would also be somehow similar to the positive outcomes of that.

A sump pump system is an automatic mechanism that starts to work after water accumulates at a certain level. In the water drainage process, at first, the water is collected in the sump pit. Then, the sump pump pumps out the excess water. So, it won't be a surprise if your sump pump secures your basement and you have no idea. Because the basement is naturally the least visited place. It's especially helpful during the rainy season. A sump pump also keeps the energy bill lower. That's obtained by the flawless performance of the HVAC system which actually requires comparatively less electricity power as the dry atmosphere doesn't interrupt its performance like humid air or dampness does.

Our Basement Waterproofing and Sump Pump Services in Framingham

The basement waterproofing services we mainly provide are:

  • Drainage systems: These work as networks that divert the excess water of the basemen toward the sump pump for draining away outside.
  • Dehumidification: It keeps the internal environment of the underground room fresh and hygienic.
  • Leaking crack repair: This service prevents the intrusion of water through the defective parts of the foundation by repairing them. That halts water damage and dampness in the internal parts and serves other benefits.
  • Basement wall systems : Our basement wall system services will improve and sustain the integrity of the insulation in the basement.

We also work for the basement floor system.


Besides them, you will get the below services regarding sump pumps across Sherborn, Hopkinton, Natick, and other service areas.

  • Installation: Sump pump installation is not about only placing it randomly in the basement. Several matters should be considered such as the size of the sump pit, installation position, local building codes, integration with the drainage system, and warranty. With our services, you can be worry-free about all these.
  • Repair: A proper and timely repair of the sump pump system by experts ensures flawless performance. A defect-free sump pump has the least chance of an electrical accident. This event can be a risk for the residents and also cause costly repairs.
  • Maintenance: Sump pump maintenance pinpoints the problems in the mechanism and allows quick and effective repair. It also expands the lifespan of the sump pump ensuring the peace of mind of the user.

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Other Services We Provide

Apart from these two main services our other main services include different types of crawl space, moisture control, and basement finishing services which include:

The locally owned and operated basement specialist has more than 2 decades of professional experience in the industry. Our friendly staff are well-trained and well-equipped. They have the expertise to settle your basement problems with turnkey solutions. The basement waterproofing systems come with a transferable lifetime warranty. You can also get insurance claim assistance from us.

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So, what you are waiting for? Don't you want to be worry-free all through the year by spending a little time in your basement? A good basement waterproofing and sump pump service also gives you multiple options to use your basement. Call us to get our quick services. You can also contact us online.


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The sump pump installation was done as a first step of a larger basement remodel project. The job was done quickly, done right, and the team made sure to explain what they were doing and why at every step, including a run through of how the system worked and what to expect once it was in. I have since hired Northeast Basement Solutions to do the full project and am having the same good experience thus far. Highest recommendation

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Mark and Miguel are A+ professionals! We used Northeast Basement Solutions for a foundation issue in our new home. They not only came in with a very reasonable quote, they started on the project quickly and took the time to educate us on several things we asked about. They were very responsive and communicated every step of the way. We will definitely be calling them for future waterproofing work. Thanks Northeast!

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Would use Dan and team again!

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